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Silvia Kratzer

Women’s Visibility & Empowerment Coach

I always wanted more out of life. I knew I had drive, was considered smart, and willing to take risks. I wanted to live outside the box of what many saw as possible. Early on I was fascinated by some women’s ability to step out of an ordinary life into an extraordinary life of their own creation.

So I left my native Germany, moved to Hollywood and became a Professor of Film at UCLA. I launched a journey into transformation. It showed me the brilliance hidden in each us. I wanted to help others uncover this hidden potential. This involved teaching women, not by mere information. Instead, creating women’s inner power through discovering and experiencing.

It is here that true transformation happens.

From the ivory tower
to the red carpet:

But it wasn’t always like that. I once was painfully shy, unable to express myself or my ideas, and most of all I was hiding from my myself and my success. I felt hopelessly stuck in my career, relationship and life, unable to figure out how to create financial independence, how to achieve a satisfying social life or to create a career I loved.

Today I walk the Red Carpet with ease, am regularly featured on the Jury of International Film Festivals ranging form Monaco to New York and Los Angeles. I‘m a successful business owner.


The more I stepped out of my own hiding and blind spots, the more success opened up to me, almost effortlessly.

What I learned along the way is that in order to be successful in any area of your life, you have to DARE TO STEP INTO YOUR VISIBILITY.

I discovered that the biggest obstacle to our success in any area is that we hide from ourselves, we are unable to see ourselves, we live in our blind spots.

Perhaps you think that only certain types of people can to live the life you secretly desire for yourself.

Step out of Hiding


Can you identify with wanting more out of life and stepping out of hiding? It can be confusing and overwhelming. I know because I’ve gone through it myself.

I think many of us are like the famous marble block the artist Michelanglo chiseled his masterpiece out of. Too often we don’t know who we can be or become. The reality is, we all each and everyone of us, CREATE OURSELVES.

We are our own masterpieces. Only too often we can’t see ourselves inside that marble block. It is my mission to show you how to emerge and step into the success you always wanted but perhaps barely dared envision for yourself.

Are you ready to step into becoming visible to your own success?

When you step out of the shadows and into being the star in your own life, you become who we were meant to be.

I am excited to support you in your journey to transformation. The perfect time is always now.


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