Do you have an inner Dream Whisperer? But you can barely hear her voice because your Dream Killers scream louder?

Are these your TWO biggest Dream Killers?

Dream Killer Number One:

What you have to offer is just not UNIQUE enough: Someone ELSE has already said this, done this, said that or created this.

Dream Killer Number Two:

It’s too SELFISH to go after what you want in life. If you can’t be Mother Theresa then going after your dream is just no contributing enough to the world.

I just listened to a speech by the inimitable Denzel Washington. His voice is soft and even quiet. What he says is pretty much the same things you might have heard other motivational speakers only they speak with a whole lot more of thunder and power. Pray. Rely on God. Don’t Give up. But have you ever heard Denzel deliver his message?

Somehow it lands differently. It lands in your soul.

Why is that? Somehow we connect to the soul of the speaker!

Just like two actors can speak and deliver the exact same line. But with one person makes shivers run up and down your spine while another one leaves you impassion ate and disconnected The one who rouses your soul is the one who is speaking the Truth. For you.

Recently, I made a drastic life change. Others before me have done the same or took similar actions. But somehow it’s different for those who followed my journey, and yes thankfully cheered me on. It landed differently. Perhaps it inspired others to create make a change.

I received a small flood of PM as well as some courageous public comments of a secretly kept but long-buried impulse to follow their dreams, make a change. Only they haven’t done so. Most of these Private Messages come from people who never publicly liked or commented on my journey’s posts. Their messages took me by complete surprise. I had no idea that they had even seen much less felt inspired enough to reach out! They had carefully followed every step of my journey and in private they speak of a deep desire to create something new in their own life as well.  I treasure these messages and admire the spunk and spirit. Their Dream Whisper is shouting louder than their Dream Killers!

I followed others’ dreams and had mentors all my life who showed me what is possible. Their footsteps lit up my own path. My own mentors were of all ages and paths in life. What they all had in common is that they spoke to me in ways no one else could. There are those whose actions- deeply resonates with our own soul’s desire and stokes the fire in us. They are our mentors, who are meant just for us.

Surprisingly, those who reached out, who spoke tentatively or boldly of their own dreams couldn’t be a more diverse group. From artists, to travelers, from those who are entrenched conservatives and to those who have been depressed in despair over the current state of the world. Many who reached out feel they are unable to create their dream at this time.

Perhaps these thought are your thoughts, too: You think it’s too late or it’s not the right time for you. You feel you don’t have what it takes  most of all money, courage, opportunity, youth or independence!  Or deep down fear you are just not unique enough to stand out in this world and make a difference.

Maybe you thought when following the urge to create a piece of art: oh well, others have done similar pieces and better. Or I could make a speech or do some important work but others have done it, already and better, I’’m too late, now is not the right time. And so you don’t do it. It’s a combination of fear and lethargy.

Maybe you thought that the world doesn’t really need you take a hold of what you want from life. Or worse, that it is selfish, t take hold of a larger slice of the pie in our life! But it is not selfish. Reaching for more in life is a service to the world. Expressing what you can be in life is what you must do!

People need to see YOUR artwork, hear your speech, read your words. Because there are people out there who can only hear it, resonate with it when it comes from you. And from no one else.

Best part: as you realize your own uniqueness, you develop and create it.

But didn’t you just say I am unique already!?

Yes, but it’s like a seed, as you water it, it blooms and develops, grows and changes and starts expressing it’s innate potential.

That’s the secret of giving of your uniqueness. As you give it to others who need to hear it from you and you only, you grow in the process.

What are your great inspirations? Who resonates for you? It may have changed over the years and in different situations. A first step is to identify the voices and people that make you hum, make your soul resonate…

because they are your Dream Whisperers!



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