The biggest myth that haunts women’s relationship with money frequently is that money isn’t spiritual It’s selfish What about all the people who suffer in the world.

This week we have seen the power we have to speak up and take a stand for compassion to children, families and those most vulnerable in society.

Here is the thing though, one of the greatest differences made was a fund raiser a family quietly conducted that raised over fifteen million dollars in 24 hours to help immigrant children and their parents. When all the publicity ebbs away, the money is there to provide the legal assistance to reunite parents with their traumatized toddlers that have been taken from them.

I have a friend who believes in not spending money. Nor does he make much money. His contributions to the world and making a difference for good is as limited as are his beliefs about money.

He believes that people with money do evil things. Sure, we all could cite examples of abuses of money. In the big picture though  money has elevated humanity from the stone ages to increased prosperity. Money and financial resources are driving forces behind creating better lives for everyone. Money is growth.

So many times we have been indoctrinated that money is not spiritual or even antithetical to spirituality.

Maybe you know or have heard of a spiritual person who has renounced the world and taken a vow of poverty. Of course its their choice, but how much difference in the world can you make in this way?

Then think of billionaires who vowed to give away all or the vast majority of their money to worthy causes. There are many surprising examples from Bill Gates to Warren Buffet and the lesser known Chuck Feeney who was one of the first to start that trend.

Even Mother Theresa wielded vast influence to access money to her cause. Without it she would not have been the power force for good that she was.

For some reason, many women consciously or not have the idea that money is ill-gotten gain or that by making money we take away from someone else. Its the pie analogy: if I take a bigger slice of the pie someone else ends up getting a smaller slice of the pie.

The reality is very different from the limited pie-scarcity model.

The more we create in resources, including money the more everyone else benefits. Bill Gates becomes one of the richest men in the world but it was not a selfish act. In fact, it benefited humanity in ways we cannot even fathom.

It is our duty, ladies, our social and moral duty, to create money and financial resources  because as we reap the rewards so does everyone else around us.

TASK: If you are so inclined, make a list of all the good you could do, the changes you could make, the contributions you dream of, if you had unlimited resources at your finger tips.

CHANGES: Make it a habit to think of money as the force for good that it actually is.

READING: Some extremely valuable writings on the subject are Catherine Ponder’s books and articles You can also find it on YouTube. Her language is a bit vintage, her stellar insights into the relationship between money and spirituality though are priceless.



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