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pring time is the time of renewal and new beginnings. A time to set new goals and watch them come to fruition and bloom over the coming weeks and months.

But what if all the goal setting does not work, no matter how much you work on it? And you are still stuck?

I’m all for setting goals in life and career. However, we all have experienced it that our goals somehow do not manifest, that we forget about the goals we set at the beginning of the year, or yesterday for that matter!

This is a secret, that most transformation tools leave out. Goal setting does not always work, even with our best efforts, even when fortified with hefty daily doses of affirmations or visualizations.

Here is a secret that works when stuck in a loop and unable to unglue yourself from what seems like neverending Groundhawk Day.

Think for a moment of the principle of the hologram In a hologram the whole is represented in each and every separate part of the entire hologram. That same principles comes into play with the realization that

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How we do ONE thing is how we do EVERYthing!

But hang on, there is much more to it, that has less to do with DOING! After all, we would already DO it if we could!

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It has everything to do with BEING. Our environment is part of the ‘holographic representation of our life. Our environment reflects how we do all of our life. Being in the same old environment and unchanging surroundings keeps us stuck. 

But wait, I can’t just up and move to live in a luxury villa by a tropical beach. That’s not the solution. Most likely you would quickly recreate a similar situation than the one you are in now.

Fix the environment you are in now. Throw out the broken mirror, fix the crack in the wall, move away the old desk that half-blocks the entryway.


When nothing else works. When you are stuck.

When there seems to be NO WAY OUT!

A friend of mine was stuck in an abusive marriage. For years! She didn’t have the financial resources to get out and he made sure they would not sell the house that would enable her to leave and move on with her life.

What’s more he would get into a screaming fit when she suggested he do anything to improve around the house.

In her room, several large cracks had appeared in the wall. Adjacent to her room was a permanently shut door that was nailed shut with a tattered blind dimming the view to the outside and a path that led towards the street. Something inside her urged her to go through that door. He steadfastly refused to open that nailed and shut door. You see he held all the power, or so it seemed. Any changes she suggested were met with a fit of rage on his part.

Secretly, she went to Home Depot and found a way to fix the cracks herself. He mocked her when he saw what she had done that it would just crumble. But week after week her work held up, no more cracks! Next she replaced the tattered old shade that covered the shut door window with a brand new one. She had to special order it and when it arrived she put it up herself. Now she could open the blind.

Finally, she persuaded him to open the shut door so she could go in and out of the house at will. Because of all of the work she had done, he finally let her open that permanently shut door. It took some work since it had been nailed shut for years. The moment she was able to now open the door, she used this door exclusively over the coming weeks to enter and leave the house through that once closed-off door.

Within weeks of initiating this last change, she was able to leave the abusive relationship. It was almost like a miracle. It even left him stunned! Later he confessed that he had intended to never let her go. He thought he had broken her spirit enough that she would be unable to extract herself from the trap of the abusive relationship.

Once she made these changes in her immediate environment, a series of unexpected outside events moved into motion in her favor and she was able to leave. All the goal setting she had done before for years hadn’t worked. Changing her holographic environment did the trick. Since then she went on to build a successful business, is independent, powerful and happy and never locked back.

One more example: a chiropractor will often adjust one area of your body when the pain is actually located in a completely different area of your body. She may adjust a vertebrae in your spine to release the pain in your knee. Once you make a shift in one area of your body, the entire body structure follows suit and adjusts and fine-tunes itself. Release only happens when a different area of the body is worked on than where the pain is located. Only then can healing occur.

Apply this principle in your own life and see what happens. Open that closed door in your life, fix the broken screen, throw out the moldy bag at the bottom of your garbage can, get rid of the faded tee you still wear to bed. Look around and see what it is that needs opening up, fixing or getting rid of in your environment. Watch what happens next and see what seems like miracles unfold in otherwise stuck areas of your life. Things shake loose and often change in those parts that you least expected it, those parts that once were unmoving or kept you in a loop and trapped. 

Be the chiropractor in your own life!

I am curious what it is that you can replace or fix today in your environment this week? Comment below what changes you can make. Is it easy or more complex? Please COMMENT and share with others: What changes in your immediate surroundings can you initiate today?



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