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erhaps you created some Vision Boards. And love them. I do, too. But I found something way more effective and powerful. Create your own three-dimensional vision board. Live in your own vision board.

Vision boards of course are meant to work by our unconscious minds absorbing the images and great goals we set for our future. By looking at it we coax our minds into making it a reality.

This principle is as ancient as the Bible stories thousands of years old: you only need to read the story of Jacob. Jacob got filthy rich and beat out his dishonest father-in-law, Laban, by placing striped sticks where their flocks mated. The flocks now only bred striped and spotted off-spring that by agreement became Jacob’s own property! He became a biblical gazillionaire and set off to his promised land. Whether you take the book of Genesis literally or metaphorically, it illustrates a psychological principle that what we place in front of our vision we tend to create or reproduce.

To harvest that principle, live in your three-dimensional vision board.

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The house and surrounding you immerse yourself in daily is a livable, walkable vision board itself

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This doesn’t have to involve anything as drastic as minimalism, capsule wardrobe or tidying using the Kon Mari method.

From the images you pop on your walls, to the scents you allow to fill your environment or the broken chair you hang onto or decide to replace instead with a luxurious armchair, it all impacts us on a deeper level than just resting your tired feet after a long day’s work.

Here is a story that has stuck with me:


A lady I know desperately wants to lose weight and has tried everything to find a solution for many years. Aside form the latest diet pills and high tech weight loss shakes, she has a vision board propped up across her bed so she can see it first thing in the morning and last thing before going to sleep. Last, she underwent Bariatric surgery called the lap band procedure to help her overcome the troubling obesity problem. Despite these efforts and willingness to go to any length to reach her goal, nothing has helped her so far long term. Sh e always reverts back to her initial obese weight. Interestingly enough, her house is filled with paintings of extremely overweight women, on almost every wall. There is nothing wrong with that. But she surrounds herself with a three-dimensional vision board that keeps her stuck in a place she no longer wants to be in.

When you change around the elements of your home, even just the position where you place your desk, things shift in your life. You don’t need to be a Feng Shui expert to do it. Start small, changing your desk from facing the wall to the power position Take down that painting that no longer represents the future you want for yourself. Clean up that corner that attracts old magazines. Add a luxurious scent to your environment. Let go of that broken sofa or frayed pillow. And see things shift and transformation happen!

And of course you still can do your vision board if you like to. After you created your three-dimensional vision board of course!



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