What is Your Tipping Point to Success? Thoughts on the Tipping Point From Florida School Kids to Luxe L.A. Bathrooms.

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he Tipping Point has been on our collective mind recently, mainly as Florida school kids are mad as hell and won’t take it anymore.  They have reached the Tipping Point after countless shootings across the country. And we watch in awe as they trigger a tidal wave of empowered action. They just won’t stand for complacency and passive suffering anymore.

Well before Malcolm Gladwell’s book by the same name I’ve been intrigued by The Tipping Point:

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How small events and details add up until the balances swing in the other direction once the tipping point has been reached.

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Being a nerd with a previous life in academics, a much less widely known book: Thomas Kuhn’s 1962 classic looks at the same phenomenon from a different perspective. Scientific revolutions it turns out do not occur with the discovery of new facts. Far from it. Science, like people, hang onto the familiar, the known and when confronted with new facts tend to reject it.

After a new discovery, the first reaction in the science community is rejection and ridicule. However, once other scientists hesitantly perhaps at first also embrace the new facts, it triggers a momentum until virtually all in the science field accept and hold true these new discoveries.

It seems this process is hard-wired into the human brain. I just recently lost a dear friend to cancer. While aware of the six  emotional stages of grief from denial to negotiation and onward until finally acceptance of the facts and the changed reality is reached, I still had to go through it and witnessed it at work in my own experience.

On a more joyful note, it is no secret that I absolutely love gorgeous houses and especially modern architecture. At a party in the Hollywood Hills recently, I came across this stunning bathroom seen in the photo above. I snapped a few photos and resisted the impulse to fling myself into the tub for a few happy selfies 🙂

I occurred to me that just a few years ago, even in the beautiful homes, bathrooms seemed above all functional, with a spa tub and nice Carrara marble or Italian tile perhaps. But something has changed, almost suddenly. Now bathroom suites are beyond stunning and the true showstopper of the house.

These are opera arias of bathroom suites, a frenzy of extravagance and imagination.

They incorporate the outside and the inside: lush, tropical bamboo gardens vertically framed, freestanding Roman tubs seemingly float in the sky, high above the crashing ocean waves if the house is on the coast, or in the Hollywood and Beverly Hills seemingly suspended over a glittering sea of city lights stretching as far as the eye can see across the LA basin.

It happened almost suddenly. The tipping point. Now even the lower end houses of ca $ 2 million (yep, I know!) feature breathtaking bathrooms. No longer tucked away in the darker areas of the house as in the past, they now take center stage eliciting ohh’s and ahh’s of delight and excitement.

The tipping point: how little things can make a big difference and create a break-through. A new reality.

What is your tipping point? 

What changes does it take to up-level your desires, your life and your business?

I’ve come to realize that working with the tipping point principles rather than trying to circumvent or bypass it, yields the fastest and lasting results.

Sometimes though we go off into all kinds of different directions, sending us running in circles instead of reaching our tipping point.

What are the areas you are running in circles instead of reaching for your tipping point? Let us know your experiences with this law of change!

Stay Tuned for PART TWO: The Tipping Point and a Higher Mission in Life. What monkeys and yams have to do with fulfilling your higher mission in life! Yep, it’s science!



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