From UCLA Professor to Entrepreneur. My Story- How to Step out of Hiding

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hen I left my University Professor Job after over 20 years and embraced my Entrepreneurial Spirit with Ease and Success I wondered why it had taken me so long. I gained financial and personal freedom, plus a lot more enjoyment out of life.


For years, when asked what I do I always said I’m a university professor, which was true. But what is also true is that I already had my own business … and made four times as much money as a female entrepreneur than as a professor! Professor was something everyone could relate to and even respect. Women entrepreneur? I feared their judgement. incomprehension or even derision.

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It took me a long time to stand by the fact that I was pursuing my freedom with passion… and was successful at it!

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In an interviewed recently, I was asked about how I created the transition from my prestigious and high-paying job as a university professor at UCLA to successful woman entrepreneur.

Looking at the steps it took for me to make that transition a few things became crystal clear to me.


I wondered why I hadn’t done it years ago! The answer is confidence and guidance would have gotten me there so much faster to navigate through the doubt, hesitation and fear.


Here are some of the EXCUSES that might hold you back from taking the leap into freedom and self-determination.

*I don’t know where the money is going to come from?

*What will people I know think of me?

*This J-O-B has some prestige and status attached to it that others can relate to and respect.

*No one respects a burgeoning entrepreneur, especially if they are a woman or especially in my age.

*I’m too young. I’m too old. Now is not the right time.

*I have too work too hard and have no time left for myself, for my family and things I care about.

*I invested too much time, money and brain power, thank you very much, in my formal education to qualify for a corporate job.

My college education, with a Ph.D. and two Masters’ degrees to my name, cost me years in my life. I can’t just toss all of that aside and walk away.

*I’ll have to rethink my identity and how I show up in the world if I leave my job and step out on my own as an entrepreneur.

*Business women have to be too tough to be considered ‘sexy’! I’ll lose my femininity.

*Do I have to learn about contracts, and stuff?


The truth is I felt a certain resentfulness when I considered how much money (loads of it!) the university made off of my lectures, versus the peanuts I was paid for my expertise. But despite my discontent, I just had all these excuses pop up.

We put up all these imagined obstacles and make it much harder on ourselves than if we didn’t allow these thoughts imposed on us from the outside to hold us back. If I could do it over, I would start earlier and without hesitation to create my life and my business.


Most of the things that used to scare me seem so easy now I wonder why on earth I ever was so scared. Perhaps you can look back over your life and see a few things that once scared the bejeebers out of you and that you now laugh at because you handle them with ease and grace. Your fear just seems silly now that you tackled it.

I challenge you to list or audio-record just for yourself the main excuses that scare you and hold you back from reaching your higher life vision and making it a reality. Starting Right Now.


Who will I become? What can I do outside of my job? We cling on to an old identity because people identify us with that identity. We step out not only in a new business but have to redefine and show up to the world around us as the New You! And that is scary.


We stay inside our own shadows. Because it’s easier that way.

But at what cost?

One of the things that always drives me is to develop myself and to reach higher in who I am in the process of creating myself to be and who I can become.

The ‘just be yourself’ ideology never sat right with me. I believe it holds us back and keeps us from reaching for higher ground, from cultivating our personality and our life the way we would envision it, if we only let ourselves.

Developing your own business is the best self-improvement program out there! Bar none. It stretches your faith, your abilities, your skills and your self identity towards a far more expansive, self-directed identity. The things you do daily shape  and create your identity. So take charge of it now!

Refuse to let a job define the limits of who you can be and are becoming every day.


Whether you create your own transition gradually or make a clean sweep, it’s up to you.

Either way, the answer is to start now.

For me the transition was gradual. I quietly worked on my own business while I still clung onto the university professor job that took up way too much of my time and attention and only held me back in more ways than one: financially and personally.

If I could go back I would make the transition faster, with less trepidation. And I would hire a mentor sooner. All the Olympic athletes have coaches to help them reach their fullest potential and reach it faster, so they are ready for when it really counts. It doesn’t matter if your ‘gold’ is climbing the Olympic podium or seeing the 10 k month consistently in your business.

So my best advice: don’t let your fears keep you in your own shadows and in hiding. Step out of what is holding you back. Begin your own exploration of what is possible now. PM me at for a complimentary 30 min strategy session to gain clarity and EXPLORE how you can Create a Business and a Future that empowers you in ways you might never have thought possible.



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