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I knew I was successful and smart by all standards as a professor at one of the most prestigious universities in the country having published in the academic field and spoken at international conferences. And YET, I always wanted more out of life. When most people I knew settled for what life had on offer for them, I wanted to Start Over.

I left my career behind. I started my own company and embarked on a journey of transformation. I wanted to reinvent myself, which meant: more fun, more glamor, more beauty, and ease, in short, and a more elegant lifestyle in all areas. The transformation that followed led me to be sought after as a judge and jury member on the stages of international film festivals from Monte Carlo to New York, started my own company and achieved a level of success I could previously only dream of.

Can you identify with wanting more out of life and career and yet hesitating scared to take that first step into that transformation. I know how it feels because I’ve been there!

Are you ready to step into your own life transformation and create the life style and success of your dreams?

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